Minimalist Inspired Wedding

We are all a little guilty of over-indulging, over-planning, and sometimes even over-obsessing. Not just when planning a wedding, but in life. I recently spent a week in St. John, USVI, and I remembered how easy and truly lovely it is to live off of 3 dresses, a bathing suit, and (dare I say) no internet. I came home with a need to simplify everything– my closet, my home, and yes even a wedding. This Minimalist Inspired Wedding came about after finding the sweet necklace below because it’s a reminder of why we (you) chose to embark on planning a wedding in the first place.

Disclaimer: A minimalist wedding does not mean all-white or boring. Hope you enjoy our take on it!

Nicole Miller Gown

Dogeared XO Necklace

Vince Camuto Spicer Sandal


Carnation bouquets

Bridesmaid Dresses

Save the Date

DIY Mason Jars & Tea Lights

Cake & Cake Topper

Dinner by candlelight

Starry String Lights

1. Nicole Miller Gown  2. Dogeared XO Necklace  3. Vince Camuto Spicer Sandal 3. Carnations  4. Bridesmaid Dresses 5. Save the Date 6. DIY Mason Jars & Tea Lights 7. Cake & Cake Topper 8. Dinner by Candlelight  9. Rose Martini 10. Starry String Lights


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